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Refund, Cancellation and
Pre-order Policies

Refund Policy

In general, C&D TCG SHOP LLC does not offer returns/refunds as the nature of resealed product in the TCG market unfortunately exists. However, if there is a problem with shipping or any product is in a damaged state upon arrival, we will make it right. 

DISCLAIMER: Here at C&D TCG SHOP LLC, we sell product with the expectation that it will be opened. Due to this, no refunds will be given for surface level imperfections. We do not ship product with any damage or defects that could potentially result in damaged cards. There will be no exceptions to this rule and if you are wanting a product in perfect condition, we suggest purchasing a product physically in front of you. 

For more information, contact:

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations will be accepted up until the moment of shipping. HOWEVER, our payment system charges a 3% fee on all transactions. Therefore, we will only be able to offer a refund of 97% of your initial payment to account for the non-refundable transaction system fee.

To cancel an order, email with the words "cancel request - order number ####" in the subject line

Pre-Order Policy

All orders must be fully fulfilled at one time. Therefor, if in stock items are purchased in the same order as items that are pre-order, the in stock items will not be shipped until the pre-order items are available to be shipped. We do not perform partial fulfillment. 

For more information, contact

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